ZAGO AGRICOLA is the result of a path built over time and an innate process of family tradition that has been handed down for five generations.
In the mid-nineteenth century the great-grandfather Angelo Zago began to cultivate the grape involving all of his children, including  Giovanni, who decided to continue farming with his large family. He transmitted the craft knowledge to Rita's father, Emilio, who's been a life-long winemaker.
Today, five generations later, Rita Zago and her son Enrico lead with determination ZAGO AGRICOLA
The plant a vineyard dedicated to the production of Prosecco DOC in an area particularly suited to the production of this wine for its geomorphological features.
The entire vineyard, eight hectares and a half, or twenty-one acres, is located in Taiedo of Chions, downstream of the Pordenone resurgence, in the alluvial fan formed by the intersection of Cellina and Meduna alluvial fans to the west and those of the Tagliamento River in the east.
ZAGO AGRICOLA offers to the public two interpretations of Prosecco DOC: the first with Sur Lie method, or "On the lees", “Col fondo”, bottle re-fermented, according to the old method, evoking the traditions of the family and the ancestors; the second with the Italian method, richer of bubbles.
The vineyard where ZAGO AGRICOLA produces its own Prosecco DOC is in Taiedo of Chions, a small country town at the heart of the area defined by the “Prosecco regulations” for the production of this wine, located halfway between Venice and the country called Prosecco in the province of Trieste.
Grapevines are surrounded only by agricultural crops, hedgerows and woods, far away from industrial sites, where wild animals are often seen.